Mod DB


Editor321- General Organizer, website designer, jack of some trades, master of none.

Wonrz- Skinner of all things that crawl on their bellies in the jungle. Can morph the seas and models to his liking. Incredibly modest.

Saxon Swine(CaptainVonGonzo)- Man of a thousand faces, can texture and compile a set of dominoes if he had the chance. An excellent mapper.

NovaRain- Knows all things Kalashnikov. Knows all things weapons. Makes a great AK sandwich.

Minuit- The Coder. He coded you, your birth, your mere pitiful existence was just a wave of his hand. Helps implement all things new. Thinks he sucks, prefers to map.

Toadie- The Animator. The Modeler. The Aussie. The Toadie.

Engineer- The first American on the team. Sound Engineer, man of many guns. Gameplay balence extrodinare.

Trilkin- One of our voice actors, the only professional one. When he isn't recording lines into a mic, he puts short novels of plot and story development into the modification.

Besli- The model and mod database man. He has been incredibly helpeful with map props.