M16A1 5.56mm Assault Rifle


This standard issue US Army rifle has only recently been introduced for service: low recoil, good accuracy and a high rate of fire have made it popular amongst servicemen.



Remington 870 Shotgun

A shotgun designed for trench warfare, it proves useful in close quarters combat.  This weapon can also be loaded with “Elephant Shells” – right click to load your weapon with these shells.




M79 Grenade Launcher

A weapon developed for taking out multiple enemies at once, this is particularly useful for taking out zombies or helicopters.  Be warned that this weapon is slow to reload.




1911A1 .45 Pistol

A pistol that has been in service since World War 1, it has proved reliable and powerful and a worthy last resort. In Vietnam it is notably used for clearing underground areas.




M60 Machine Gun

A machine gun based on the design of the MG42.  This weapon is perfect for “going Rambo” and laying down sustained fire on a large group of enemies.  Also perfect for use against Superzombies.




RPG-7 Rocket Launcher

A Russian made Rocket Launcher commonly used by Vietcong forces against troops or helicopters.




AK-47 7.62mm Assault Rifle

A Russian designed rifle that needs no introduction. The simplicity of operation has made this popular amongst the Vietcong.

This weapon lacks accuracy but packs a powerful punch.




M21 Sniper Rifle

A semi-automatic rifle based on the old Garand design. It is extremely accurate and offers moderate rate of fire.





Out of Agent Orange? The next best thing is a trusty old chainsaw for defoliating those Vietcong trails. Or just perfect for opening up zombie entrails.




Claymore Landmine

A device which can be placed upon a surface, it will detonate whenever disturbed by motion.





Designed for dislodging enemies, this explosive device is essential for dealing with common zombies.