There are many allies in Heart of Evil.  Simply press your “Use” key on them to get them to follow you.  You can also issue other commands to them such as “Search & Destroy!” by pressing S, or “Come Here!” by pressing C.


Barney Bjarneysson


Your loyal sidekick.  How he got into the special forces is something of a mystery given his lack of comprehension for close quarters combat, he is nevertheless astute at completing objectives.


His weapon of choice is a Colt 1911.  Apparently the deafening noise it induces is comparable to Woodstock.




 5th Special Forces LRRP “Mike Force”




Members of the special forces group which you are a part of.  They are always willing to take orders from an officer in the field, however much they may grumble about it.


These soldiers wield M16s, Shotguns, M60 machine guns, or 1911 pistols – they are therefore a vital asset for dealing with enemy forces.  Be sure to keep an eye out for medics who can also patch you up!



 Major Smith & Lieutenant-Colonel Murphy



The eponymous officers who assigned your mission.  There were no takers for the mission, even when they pulled rank.  They heard you were desperate for a mission, so before you had a chance to say “no” they simply handed one over.


As well informed as they happen to be, both know little about guerrilla warfare when it involves obscure gem puzzles, which is why they hope you can figure them out for yourself.





Rogue Forces

 Sergeant Kilmore


A man with a dark past.  He made a deal with Satan himself for limitless power – which he has duly received, at a cost of endless carnage.  Not the Kilmore cares, he was happy not to sell his soul.


Curiously no one has questioned why a mere sergeant has complete control over an entire Army Division.  The CIA had a file on him, though it was lost in the tragic coffee machine accident of 1968.


Kilmore is loyal to Kurtz.  In more ways than one...



 US Army regulars




Unfortunate men who have been brought under the power of Kilmore.  They do his every bidding, and will stop at nothing to eliminate Freeman.


They wield a variety of small arms which are commonly used by US soldiers – watch out for those who wield grenade launchers!


Despite their loyalty to Kilmore they are somewhat inexperienced, and should be easy enough for a Special Forces soldier to dispatch.



“Huey” Helicopter




Some people associate the word “huey” with vomit.  Others know that it happens to be a deadly attack helicopter armed with chainguns, a side gunner and rocket launchers.  Did we mention it also drops rogue soldiers into the field of conflict?


Such a deadly enemy will readily tear you to shreds, so whenever one appears seek cover.  If you’re lucky you will be able to take one out with 2 RPG rockets or 2 M79 shells.


If you absolutely must destroy one, the best tactic is to find some cover and then blast it when it drops off some soldiers.




Communist Forces





The red menace of Vietnam.  These men are keen to fight and die for their ideology, they saw Americans as embodying Capitalist evil but are rather unsure what stereotypical evil Zombies might represent.


They attempted to create a Socialist Paradise inclusive of zombies, however this went horribly wrong when the zombies ate all the Communist Party members’ members.  So it is that they now battle those zombies and any Americans they happen to find.


These soldiers wield AK-47s and RPG-7 rocket launchers.





These dogs are strapped.  With explosives.  They are trained to run towards Americans where with one mournful last cry they will detonate their charge.


Apparently equality for all doesn’t encompass mans best friend when the pigs are in charge.




 Intel Officer Wang Kim



An officer who has purportedly infiltrated the ranks of the Vietcong.  Can he be trusted or not?  As far as your commanders are concerned he has a hot sister and sends over some damned fine spicy food.





The Undead:

A creation of Colonel Kurtz, he believes these hideous beasts will win the Vietnam war.  US Command however thinks otherwise, and wants these beasts dead.  Particularly since these monsters seem unnervingly like hippies to them.

SPX Juvenile


A small fast moving creature.  They seek comfort in the bodies of the fallen, within which they can develop to full size.


The juvenile form of the SPX creature is easily killed, especially with a precise rapid firing weapon.



SPX Crossbreeds




The animated corpses of what were once humans are now host to the terrible SPX creatures.  The bodies will house the SPX monstrosities until they have grown to full size, whereupon they shed the human flesh which protected them.


The only way the SPX Crossbreed can be killed is with explosives.  Bullets impede them but do not kill them.






Gorillas aren’t native to Vietnam by any means, these were brought over to a circus in Colonel Kurtz’ honour.  Sadly he got bored with the performance, ordering the clowns to be shot and the gorillas transferred to a demonic force.  These beasts work against the machinations of the common man, lusting for his fleshy parts.


Gorillas are fleet-footed and strong.  If you see one charging towards you start firing like billy-oh.







An SPX creature which is half way through shedding its host.  This monster exudes great strength, which it uses to propel rotting body parts.







A fallen comrade who has been returned to this realm by the occult work of Colonel Kurtz.  These guys should be drinking mead in the halls of Odin, but instead they are doomed to walk the earth.


Superzombies posess unnatural strength and are usually armed to the teeth.  If you hear their distinctive groaning make haste!




 Elick the Conehead


The sad offshoot of a beauty pageant that went wrong.  A group of men selected for the “Mr Sexy Vietnam ‘69” were permanently disfigured when [entry removed for the innocent].  To hide their disfigurement some students jokingly suggested they cover their faces with traffic cones.  Which the pageant men duly did.


So it is that the folk known as “Elick” hide themselves away, discharging their anger upon anyone who has the misfortune of disturbing them...




SPX Adult



A full grown SPX creature that has left the confines of a former host.  A fully grown SPX creature has the power of levitation and can move with speed towards its prey, but can also strike from afar with acidic projectiles.






Colonel A. Kurtz


A highly decorated US Army officer who has gone rogue.  He is your quarry that you must pursue at any cost regardless of civilian casualties (preferably numerous by order of General Glenn Close).


All you have been told about this Commander is that he used to appear on the “Kurtz & Ernie” show.  After that show got axed he became mentally unbalanced, doing drastic things like smoking tampons and saving endangered species.  Apparently this behaviour convinced his commanding officer that a promotion straight from Private to Colonel was the right thing to do.  On hindsight this was thought of as a bad idea.  No one really knows why though.